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Massage ball
Massage ball
Massage ball
Massage ball
Massage ball

Massage ball "Oval" 15x6.5cm

Article number: 10314

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Massage ball "Cylinder" is designed for massage, muscle relaxation, stimulation of blood circulation, development of fine motor skills. 

We tried to use it.

Before selling new products, we often test them on ourselves as a team. The most effective use of it, in our opinion, is foot massage. Sitting is very convenient to massage the inner and outer arches of the foot. During the massage, the muscles are well worked out, and a pleasant feeling in the feet remains after. The massage ball "Cylinder" is moderately hard, but when pressed with effort, it bends.

It can also be used for back and arm massage, but we found out that for this purpose it is better to use a massage ball d = 7cm.


  • Effectively massages the feet - thanks to a special shape, you can massage the feet from different sides. This not only gives a pleasant feeling, but also helps to prevent flat feet and other deformities, strengthen the arches of the foot and relieve tension in the legs.
  • It is used for back, neck, arms and head massage - it actively affects nerve endings with spikes, increases blood flow, promotes muscle relaxation.
  • Thanks to the shape and spikes, fine motor skills are developed for children or during rehabilitation after injuries and stroke.


  • full body massage, muscle relaxation;
  • prevention of flat feet, clubfoot, hallux valgus and other deformities;
  • relief from feeling tired in the legs.


  • open wounds or inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • diabetic foot syndrome.

Size: 15x5 cm

Material: PVC (solid, without harmful impurities)