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Massage ball solid d=7cm
Massage ball solid d=7cm
Massage ball solid d=7cm
Massage ball solid d=7cm

Massage ball solid d=7cm

Article number: 10008-7

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Massage ball with spikes is designed for massage, muscle relaxation, stimulation of blood circulation, development of fine motor skills.

We tried using a massage ball

Before selling new products, we often test them for ourselves. This massager is convenient for massaging the whole body - back, arms, legs, feet. It is also convenient to use it for the person who does this massage. For massage, you just need to roll the ball with the palm of your hand over the muscles of the back, or other parts of the body that need to be massaged.


  • The ball is moderately firm, ideal for full body massage. 
  • The spikes affect the nerve endings and increase blood flow. This helps well for the development of motor skills, during rehabilitation after injuries or stroke.
  • It also helps in the prevention and treatment of flat feet and other deformities of the feet - muscles and ligaments are trained and massaged.


  • prevention and treatment of flat feet, clubfoot, hallux valgus and other deformities;
  • massage and relaxation of muscles and ligaments;
  • stimulation of motor skills and increased blood supply to areas of the body affected by the ball with spikes.  


  • open wounds or inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • diabetic foot syndrome.

Size: D=7cm

Material: PVC (solid, without harmful impurities)