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Hand Yoga Finger Trainer
Hand Yoga Finger Trainer
Hand Yoga Finger Trainer
Hand Yoga Finger Trainer
Hand Yoga Finger Trainer
Hand Yoga Finger Trainer

Hand Yoga Finger Trainer "Heavy"

Article number: 10181

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This simulator is suitable for training the extensor fingers and other muscles of the hand, recovery after a stroke, injuries.

The extensor of the fingers is a muscle of the forearm of the posterior group. Tendons radiate from it to the fingers. If this muscle is damaged or overloaded, the hand cannot function well, hold objects.    

The device is attached to the wrist with a Velcro bracelet. A ring is put on each finger. Elastic bands are attached between the rings and the bracelet. By squeezing and unclenching the brush, you will be able to develop the necessary muscles.

The finger expander will help not only during rehabilitation or treatment of motor activity disorders. By doing exercises regularly, you will be able to train the strength of the grip of the hand (which is suitable for athletes) or the strength and flexibility of the fingers (which is suitable for musicians, surgeons, other people whose profession is related to fine motor skills) 

The simulator is universal - adjustable in wrist circumference, suitable for both right and left hands. You can adjust the intensity of the exercises by setting the elastic bands to the desired level of holes.

There are three degrees of load:

  • Lightweight (9 kg)
  • Average (18 kg)
  • Heavy (27 kg)

The set contains an additional replaceable set of rubber bands.


  • to train the muscles of the fingers and hands;
  • during rehabilitation, recovery from injuries, stroke;
  • in the complex of treatment of tunnel syndrome, motor activity disorders;
  • to train grip strength and finger flexibility.